An objective look at choosing MindManager when selecting a mapping application suitable for business
Nigel Goult, Olympic Limited
© Olympic Limited 2016. All rights reserved.

By way of introduction to this “white paper”, for want of a better name, I would like to make something clear from the start. This is NOT about Mind Mapping or Mind Mapping software. What most people create with software applications that can create a Mind Map is generally, nothing like a Mind Map. This is especially true when the output is examined in relation to the “Rules of Mind Mapping” as defined by the self-proclaimed inventor of Mind Maps, Tony Buzan.

Mind Mapping is a personal and usually single minded view of a subject or topic. Although many users of this software type apply it on a personal level to activities such as Brainstorming, Planning and Ideation, many also use it to document Knowledge, Information, and Projects etc. that are shared, communicated and managed by a group, team or department in business. The documents produced in these scenarios usually resemble something far more advanced and detailed than a Mind Map so we really should stop using that terminology for them.

In my experience the terms Mind Map and Mind Mapping often provoke some very strange reactions and are even frowned upon by some when mentioned within a business environment. There are those, like myself, that also believe the terms can hinder adoption and growth of applications such as MindManager within an organization. I believe a core reason for this is the association with historical Mind Mapping and pseudo-science, such as left and right brain thinking which has since been demonstrated to be an incorrect observation.

If the terms Mind Map and Mind Mapping come with a less than business like reputation what should we call the output that these powerful applications produce? Personally, I have found that Business Maps and Business Mapping seem to be more readily accepted, after all, when using this software within an organization you are generally mapping your business, its processes, resources and people, not your mind. These terms have always seemed to help users see past any preconceived fears the other terms induce. Interestingly, it is also a term that Mindjet adopted many years ago. Using these terms can often help break down the barriers and objections some people voice and help increase adoption in the workplace.

So we’re still Mapping, just NOT Mind Mapping!