Running your business can be, to paraphrase an old comic, as painful as dentistry in the Renaissance. In particular, the keeping your information secure, preventing data loss and trying to avoid information overload for you and your employees, can be tricky. Today I want to discuss the unique selling point (USP) of Mindjet’s MindManager mapping software, namely the Application Programming Interface (API). This powerful palette of additional functions not only allows you to turn your pains into gains, but also enables you, through third-party developers, to add to the functionality of MindManager, growing it into a more powerful management for all subscribers to utilize.

How does it work?

The MindManager API allows software developers, such as Nigel Goult, owner of UK-based Olympic-Limited to provide extensions and additions to MindManager which improve User experience and productivity.  One of my personal favourites is MAP for MindManager, adding an additional 40 capabilities to MindManager.  I will speak about this at more length in another post.


The software industry need not be totally dictated to by monolithic developers, with end-users forced into compliance with the whims of the powerful: now MindManager Power Users can control the direction that development takes, and the whole process begins to look more like the ecosystem that early software and internet pioneers intended it to be. But is the API unique?

Why MindManager? Surely APIs are two-a-penny? Well, yes, APIs exist in many areas of software development; they provide users with platforms from which to customise their usage of the original offering. But in the field of mapping software, nothing holds a candle to MindManager’s API.

In particular, in this post, I wanted to speak about Topic Tracker, an extension of MindManager developed by Olympic-Limited.  Topic Tracker gives you the following powerful functions:

  • It enables you to share Topics from your Maps with fellow MindManager users.  It allows you to add Sub Topics, that you can all access, but which can only be altered by you or an authorised Topic Tracker user
  • As Topic Owner, you will be able to update your Topics, and these updates will be immediately available to your shared users
  • It also enables you to create Dashboard Maps with important Topics for you to read, without the distraction of other Map information that may be irrelevant to your focus.



All of this is achieved through a shared database connection, which contains a translation of the Map data, rather than the source data itself.  Thus your source maps are secure.




But Topic Tracker is not only for teams: it gives single users the ability to create libraries of Topics, which are in turn useable on multiple Maps, all while being kept up-to-date from a source Topic.

So, if your business needs to move to the proverbial next level, you need to be considering Mindjet’s MindManager software, and start to discover all the functionalities that API and Topic Tracker can unlock for you. From mining houses looking to weather the tough times and retail chains needing to crack particular market segments, through to small business looking for a Holy Grail of Competitive Edge, Mind Manager can powerfully assist at every level.