One of the most exciting new features in MindManager 2017 when it was released in September 2016 was the introduction of an HTML 5 export capability.  This made it possible to convert a MindManager map into an HTML file which can be opened in any modern web browser. Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Not only opened, but navigated in a format as if you were in the map itself.  Thus MindManager users can now create interactive maps of their information, and communicate these to the world at large in rich visual format.

The sure sign of a successful product development is when experienced users immediately adopt the innovation.

It is therefore significant to see long term MindManager Development Partner @NigelGoult of Olympic-Limited, publishing the user guides for Olympic’s MindManager Add-Ins in HTML format

The saving to Nigel must be immense as he can now maintain structured maps of the complete product user guide, and at the push of a button publish these maps to his entire user base. When a particular feature of an Add-In is updated or extended, it is simply a matter of editing that Topic in the map, and re-publishing the guide.  Significant benefits also accrue to the users of Olympic’s Add-Ins, as up to date guides are always available on the Olympic website.  These can either be viewed from the website, or downloaded as an HTML file.

So if you have a need to publish any type of operating manual, user guide or procedure give serious consideration to using MindManager 2017 to compile and publish your content.

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