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Focused Sharing with Topic Tracker & MindManager!

When you work in Teams, sharing and visibility of information is paramount but that information needs to be relevant and up to date to be meaningful and of maximum use. Topic Tracker gives you a way to share specific Topics from your Mindjet MindManager Maps with other Topic Tracker users, allowing them to be kept informed of changes to specific Topic elements when required.

Map Tracker supports the following Mindjet MindManager versions:

The best way to share & track your Mindjet MindManager Map Topics!

  • Have you ever wished you could share a particular Topic from one of your maps with friends and /or colleagues?
  • Do you often use the same Topic structures, e.g Master Topics, that are re-used in other Maps and struggle to keep each instance up to date and current?
  • Would you like to create Dashboard Maps containing important Topics and be able to read them without the distraction of surrounding Map information that has no relevance to your focus?

Visual Thinking: Topic TrackerTopic Tracker enables you to do all of this and more bringing a new level of power to you whether you are a single user or work in Teams.

  • Topic Tracker lets you store individual Topics, with/without Sub-Topics, that can be accessed by you and other Topic Tracker users to use in your Mindjet MindManager Maps.
  • Added Topics to Topic Tracker can be updated by you, the “Topic Owner” and can be Tracked by other Topic Tracker users when they insert Topics from Topic Tracker into their Mindjet MindManager Maps.
  • Topic Tracker can protect Topics so only authorised Topic Tracker users can access them and/or any Sub-Topics by use of a Password system.
  • As a Topic Tracker user you can customise those Topic attributes you want to see on the Topic you choose to track.
  • Topic Tracker offers a new layer of functionality to Mindjet MindManager for small team collaboration. Topic Tracker can also be used within much larger team environments if required.
  • Topic Tracker is not only for Teams. Single users also have the ability to create libraries of Topics which can be reused on multiple Maps while being kept up to date from one source Topic.

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