One of the challenges for the @Mindjet #MindManager power user is keeping track of the multiple maps that you develop on a daily basis.  You are mapping ideas, meetings, projects etc, etc., and your map file structure can easily become cluttered and confusing.  Creating lost time and frustration at a future date when you are trying to locate a specific map.

Three functions in the @Olympic-Limited MindManager Add-In #MAP can be used very effectively to automate this process, and keep your files properly cataloged and managed.

Snap, Track and Sweep is perfect for multiple iterations of a map in for example, Scenario Planning:

Take this simple map I am using for a series of video tutorials entitled ‘Making the Most of MindManager’.

Following the tutorial on adding Multi Dependency Links, the map had developed thus:



I want to return the map to it’s original state, but also retain this version for future use.  By clicking one action button, MAP Snap will take a digital copy of the map, and depending on selected options record: an Image of the map, Review Comments

and then save to a Snap folder with a date and time record in the file name

Irrespective of where I save map files on my network system, MAP Tracker has the ability for me to create groupings, (called categories) and record, using XML embedded information, key information about the map.  MAP Tracker is a power map organiser using the inbuilt XML data in MindManager files.

Finally to return the map to it’s original format for the next tutorial or scenario in the series, I use MAP Sweep which will selectively remove attributes from the map topics, or remove all attributes in one action.

You can see a demonstration of this process in the following tutorial:

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