I have followed International speaker and business author Douglas Kruger @DouglasKruger for some time.  In October 2016 I was privileged to see him live at the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa, @PSASA, Mid Term Convention, where I sketchnoted the presentations.
Douglas has just published his 7th book entitled ‘They’re Your Rules, Break Them!’, and having heard his audio introduction: https://t.co/V2bCirxycX, I immediately purchased the book.

Douglas explains 50 Ways to smash silos, bust bureaucracy and create a high-performance culture, transcending rules to produce results.  Once I read the introduction I made a decision to produce a set of sketchnotes summarising the entire book.  The objective is to both summarise and memorise the contents, but also hopefully condense the 50 ways into a focused set of strategies that I can apply to my own business of Graphic Facilitation.

My methodology will be as follows: Read one section per day, and produce and publish the appropriate sketch note.  It will be interesting to observe how my style and visual interpretations develop over the next 7 weeks.
In his introduction Douglas refers to the TV drama series Game of Thrones, and a very interesting observation about the outcome of chaos (overthrow of the Realm)

This immediately brought to mind a medieval tower, with the Lord protecting his realm against the marauding foreign army:

The observation from The Game of Thrones, is that one character sees the outcome of chaos as falling into a bottomless pit, whereas the second character sees it as a ladder of opportunity:

It was quite exciting to commence Part 2: 50 ways to smash silos, bust bureaucracy and create high performance culture, and realize that my medieval theme could be extended to the first strategy, namely: Use Ignorance as a Strategy

If you would like to follow my sketchnoting challenge, I will be Tweeting my images daily for the next 7 weeks, @colinhorner #RulestoBreak.  I may periodically extend this post with new observations related to the Challenge.

…and if you would like to find our more about Graphic Facilitation, and the power of Visual Story Telling for your business contact: colin@visualthinking.co.za