The release of @Mindjet #MindManager 2017 has opened up a new capability for sharing map content with a wider audience, namely HTML export.  This feature allows the publication of an individual map, or a family of linked map to a single HTML file which can be opened and navigated in mind map format using a web browser.

This has enormous possibilities for sharing content in a visual format.  One such application is the publication of policies and procedures manuals, and in this post I will show how this can be accomplished.

An excellent example of a procedures manual developed within MindManager is the Reference Guide for the ResultsManager Add-In.  Consisting of a Master Map:


and more detailed instructions and tutorials which are contained in a family hyperlinked maps:


This is obviously perfect for the MindManager user, but what happens when we want to communicate such a document to a wider audience.  One option is to export to a word document, but then the visual impact of the map format, and the ability to access summary views is lost in the linear form.

This is where the export to HTML comes into play.  The master map, and the family of hyperlinked sub maps, can be exported and packaged into one HTML file.  When this file is opened in a web browser the map view is retained, and through attachment links the sub maps are available to be viewed and expanded.

You can see this for yourself at:

There is one caveat to this process: When you are exporting hyperlinked map structures, you will need to convert the hyperlinked maps into attachments, in order for these maps to be included in the HTML file.  You can do this manually, or better still use the MAP Add-In which will automate the process.

I have explained the full process for exporting maps into HTML here:

If you would like to find out more about publishing map content to HTML contact: