My Weekly Journal 28 Feb ’22

LifeLong Learning shared in Words, Thortspace thinking and storyboards based on my daily Networking activities

Mar 01 – Feature Presentation BNI Modjadji Chapter Find, Connect & Engage with Network Opportunities with your ‘Business in your Pocket’ Preparing and Presenting – an Ideal Application for @Thortspace


Feb 27 – Understanding a Business value proposition. #BNI Podcast 665 @Ivanmisner “Have someone read your BNI Profile” An ideal application for  @Thortspace ‘Bubble & Speak’ Vlogs, particularly where the Profile is well populated. Today I connected with Robert Brown after reading  LinkedIn post by @AlysonRoach #BNIThankyou Alyson for helping me connect to Robert.

Feb 27 – Instilling presentation confidence 

#CreativeCollaboration with Network Partner & Vocal Coach CharlesLuxford. Charles’ wonderful poetic creations give me the opportunity to practice Pitches every day. 

Adding a #Phonesketch

& recording a ‘Bubble & Speak’ Thortvlog adds the ‘Fun in the Fundamentals’…


Feb 27 Business in your Pocket

Use your BNI Profile as a Referral Generating Machine Podcast 665 @ivanmisner interviews Tom Etherington and shares 5 Tips to help you optimise your BNI Connect Profile

We summarise the 5 actions you should be implementing in @Thortpace ‘Bubble & Speak’:

Browse the script in a @Thortspace:


and provide a Mini Guide to help you set up your own Profile:



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