My Weekly Journal 16 Feb 22

A series of observations in Words, Thortspace thinking and storyboards based on my daily Networking activities

21 Feb. Aquatots – the ultimate in Parent-Infant aquatic education

  • Creating a ‘Bubble & Speak’ ThortVlog to visualise & verbalise benefits that swimming brings to health, fitness & safety for your child  See:

19 Feb. Lifesmart Toolkit Webinar

  • Creating a ‘Bubble & Speak’ ThortVlog to visualise & verbalise a #LifeLongGrowth activity. Learning more about the #LifeSmart Toolkit families Learning Process

Explore my audio Scripting in a Thortspace Sphere

and the ThortVlog story: 


19 Feb. Improving your voice project #CreativeCollaboration with BNI Network Partner Charles Luxford ‘The Head is your Amplifier’

18 Feb. Presenting ‘Digital Transformation’ Using BNI technology to grow your Word of Mouth Referral business, as part of Member Success Program training. 

Optimise your BNI Profile as a “Referral Generating Machine”, see @ivanMisner BNI Podcast #665

Refer to my Mini Guide on how to populate and navigate your BNI Profile as your business portfolio in a pocket:

Your business portfolio in a pocket:

  • Word of Mouth Business Networking, be the one they remember. Learn to use fewer words in your presentations and Pitches:


17 Feb. – I was privileged to represent BNI Network Partner, Nicole le Saout, at the BNI Forty Foot, Blackrock Ireland, meeting . With the responsibility of giving Nicole’s weekly presentation. My workflow / process for such a project is as follows:

  • Prepare the script in @Thortspace Sphere
  • Record a video in a ‘Bubble & Speak’ Thortvlog
  • Publish Online Flipbook
  • Add to my BNI Profile Marketing Portfolio

Browse the Presentation here:



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