My Weekly Journal 13 March ’22

LifeLong Learning shared in Words, Thortspace thinking and storyboards based on my daily #CreativeCollaboration Networking activities

Mar 19 Blue Sky Thinking in @Thortspace when relating the words of #BNI partner Charles Luxford, Vocal Coach and amazing writer. Recording Thortvlogs to Instill presentation confidence #BNI #BetterTogether


Mar 18 #CreativeCollaboration Privileged to work with #BNI Network Partner Mikhal Heffer, Lichi Translations. Lichi celebrate 25 years of translation services in 2022, and Mikhal’s story is an inspiration for every business owner.

A joint project of this nature is an ideal application for a @Thortspace storyboard. Story and words from Mikhal, animated ThortVlog with my voice.

Recording the story  “Living your Dream: 



Mar 17 – #CreativeCollaboration Sketchnoting memories & lessons from #Listening ‘2 Ears 1 Mouth’ use proportionately @ivanmisner. Letter to Sarah @ShayByrneradio Happy St Patricks Day @BNIIreland @BNIIreland


Mar16 – #Gamestorming – 121 meeting with BNI Partner Neels Janse van Rensburg NJR Solutions. Neels provides essential technician services to Veterinary Surgeon practices. Ensuring that the critical medical equipment is always available and operating efficiently. Bringing peace of mind to the Vet & Pet owner. Gamestorming a  Weekly Presentation for Neels based on Podcast 497 @ivanmisner ‘Find your Verb’ 

View a script preparation Here

As we develop this #Ideation our first practice presentation is born combining Words, Image and Voice. My recommendation for a Weekly Pitch is that you use 100 words or less, and speak at approximately 150 words per minute

Less than 100 words



Mar 15 – #CreativeCollaboration Demonstrating the 4P’s of an effective presentation – Purpose, Prepare, Practice & Present. In #BNI it is always #BetterTogether. In every case @Thortspace Thortspacethinking facilitates the collaboration process. Susan Genis, providing Virtual Assistant services, records an audio script, which we share in a Thortspace Sphere . This enables us to visualise and verbalise the Key Words. The outcome, a focused Pitch combining your Words, your Voice my Images


Mar 15 – #CreativeCollaboration An ideal preparation when Preparing for a 121. Review your BNI Profile and check the 5 tips provided by @ivanmisner in #BNI Podcast 665. Scripting in @Thortspace thinking

The 4 P’s – Create your video recording and upload to your #BNI Profile. ‘Business in your Pocket’ 



Mar 14 – #CreativeCollaboration How to link and unlink @Thortspace Spheres in the IOS touchscreen App. Linking spheres is straightforward, but unlinking requires a modified operation. We show HowTo 

Follow the procedure here:


Mar 13 – #CreativeCollaboration A Thortspace Thinking Education moment project verbalising, visualising and summarising #BNI Podcast 748 @Ivanmisner ‘The Willing Conversation’

To help your BNI Group understand your business and target market they need to know 4 things:

  • Your Needs Assessment
  • Your unique selling proposition
  • Why are you in business
  • Your emotionally charged connection #ECC

@Thortspace is ideal for summarising, arranging and animating your presentations

Browse the Thorts arrangement I used here: Thortspace 748

and the final presentation format in a ThortVlog

Adding the presentation to your #BNI Profile is the perfect way of curating, sharing & educating Network Partners on your Business USP – #Business in the Pocket. 

Mar 13 #CreativeCollaboration Gamestorming a Feature presentation with #BNI #GPT Network partner Achyut Menon ‘The Dawning of Mentza’ Finding jobs for people.




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