My Weekly Journal 06 Mar ’22

LifeLong Learning shared in Words, Thortspace thinking and storyboards based on my daily Networking activities

Mar 10 – #CreativeCollaboration A very stimulating project compiling a FlipBook portfolio for #BNI Network Partner Chris van Zyl of FocalFusion photography. One of Chris’ specialities is Event photography, and this selection of images clearly show why he is the preferred shooter

Adding the Portfolio to a #BNI Profile is the perfect way of sharing & educating Network Partners on your Business USP – #Business in the Pocket.  

Browse the images: 


Mar 06 – Free Mini Guide to BNI Mobile Marketing Developing Powerful Presentations is based on the 4P’s:- Purpose, Prepare, Practice and Present. In addition, record your pitches and add them to your BNI Connect Business Portfolio. Share your presentations in formal meetings and 121 engagements. Network marketing is #BetterTogether


View the Mini Guide:

You may download the Free Guide here:-

Mar 04 – Creative Collaboration with Network Partner Robert Brown Mac-X. As a Mac User, the IOS platform is an essential part of my BNI Mobile Networking marketing activities. Mac-X can assist me. To better understand how we can collaborate, I use a technique of ‘Pitching’ the business myself…Robert’s business description is extremely engaging…, and when I verbalise it myself, I appreciate how Mac-Simise can assist my ‘Business in the Pocket’ business model 


Mar 04 – Instilling presentation confidence 

#CreativeCollaboration with Network Partner & Vocal Coach CharlesLuxford. Charles’ wonderful poetic creations give me the opportunity to practice Pitches every day. 

Adding a #Phonesketch

& recording a ‘Bubble & Speak’ Thortvlog adds the ‘Fun in the Fundamentals’…






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