MAP for MindManager, the superb @Mindjet #MindManager Add-In from @NigelGoult of Olympic-Limited has just turned 50.  That is, the number of features in this powerhouse package now totals 50, with the latest release of MAP2.4.
Nigel is a long time @Mindjet Developer Partner, and as a power user of MindManager he knows exactly what regular users of the software need to improve their productivity and save time.  Mind mapping is all about collecting, organising, communicating, and acting on information, and the faster you can create your map the quicker you will be implementing.

Over the last 3 years Nigel has progessively built this Add-In using his own mapping experience, together with input gained from other users requesting specific additions to MindManager’s capabilities.

So what feature has the distinction of becoming number 50?  A simple, but extremely useful ability to create multiple task dependencies, linking one predecessor task to multiple successor tasks in one action, e.g.


This will integrate well with the recent update and release of ResultsManager for MindManager 2017, see my article at:

with the result that I foresee far more task and project planning being undertaken using MindManager to plan, and ResultsManager as the dashboard reporting interface.

Here is a short demonstration of how to use Multi-Dependency Links:

This latest update of MAP actually contains three additional new features, namely:

  • Topic Count – a simple action to count the Descendants and Sub -Topics in a branch structure
  • Image Extractor – the ability to extract images and icons used in a map as stand-alone images
  • Linked Map Roll Up – convert a family of hyper-linked maps to a single file with attachments for use with the new HTML 5 export in MindManager 2017

In future posts I will be covering these and other features in MAP for MindManager, and picking out some of my own personal favourites, that contribute to making MindManager my knowledge management program of choice.

If you are a MindManager user and would like to find out how MAP can transform your mind mapping experience contact for a demonstration