True to his word Nigel Goult from Olympic-Limited has recently released a new version of Gyronix ResultsManager for MindManager 2017

I have been using this Add-In since the release and I am extremely impressed with the product.  It certainly simplifies the process of handling multiple project mind maps.  You can link your maps via hyperlinks, or collect them in project folders on your local or network drive.  Then with simple pre-designed queries consolidate actions by date, responsibility, sequence etc… into a single management dashboard map.

A really powerful feature is that actions can be updated from the dashboard, and sent back to update the individual maps.

This simplifies reporting for individuals and teams, and can help save time in project progress meetings

So stop juggling with your project maps, install ResultsManager and transform your project review meetings

If you are a MindManager user and would like to find out how ResultsManager can transform your project management experience contact for a demonstration