Sketchnote Challenge – Summarising a Book

I have followed International speaker and business author Douglas Kruger @DouglasKruger for some time.  In October 2016 I was privileged to see him live at the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa, @PSASA, Mid Term Convention, where I sketchnoted the...

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Publishing MindManager Information Maps

The release of @Mindjet #MindManager 2017 has opened up a new capability for sharing map content with a wider audience, namely HTML export.  This feature allows the publication of an individual map, or a family of linked map to a single HTML file which can be opened...

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MAP for MindManager turns 50

MAP for MindManager, the superb @Mindjet #MindManager Add-In from @NigelGoult of Olympic-Limited has just turned 50.  That is, the number of features in this powerhouse package now totals 50, with the latest release of MAP2.4. Nigel is a long time @Mindjet Developer...

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Gyronix ResultsManager is available

True to his word Nigel Goult from Olympic-Limited has recently released a new version of Gyronix ResultsManager for MindManager 2017 I have been using this Add-In since the release and I am extremely impressed with the product.  It certainly simplifies the process of...

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Gyronix ResultsManager gets a new lease of life

Great news for @Mindjet #MindManager Power Users is that the Gyronix range of Add-ins are now being distributed and developed by @nigelgoult of Olympic-Limited. Nigel is a long time MindManager user and Developer Partner, and his new partnership with Gyronix promises...

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