Author: Visual Thinking Willi

Using Mindjet MindManager’s unique selling point: the API

Running your business can be, to paraphrase an old comic, as painful as dentistry in the Renaissance. In particular, the keeping your information secure, preventing data loss and trying to avoid information overload for you and your employees, can be tricky. Today I want to discuss the unique selling point (USP) of Mindjet’s MindManager mapping software, namely the Application Programming Interface (API). This powerful palette of additional functions not only allows you to turn your pains into gains, but also enables you, through third-party developers, to add to the functionality of MindManager, growing it into a more powerful management...

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Think you’re mind mapping effectively? Here are three reasons you may be wrong (and how Mindjet MindManager can help!)

We’ve all lived through it: endless, aimless ‘brainstorming’ sessions, led by whichever corporate leader drew the short straw, and who is now forcing his boardroom full of unwilling accomplices to ‘come up with creative solutions to the problem of flagging sales’ or ‘find innovative ways to penetrate a resistant market segment’. Except he’s completely wrong. In fact, like the class dunce taking a ride on an elevator, he’s wrong on so many different levels. Why? Our list of three ways in which he (and you) may be completely misusing mind mapping can guide you through the minefield of developing...

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