Author: Colin Horner

Sketchnote Challenge – Summarising a Book

I have followed International speaker and business author Douglas Kruger @DouglasKruger for some time.  In October 2016 I was privileged to see him live at the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa, @PSASA, Mid Term Convention, where I sketchnoted the presentations. Douglas has just published his 7th book entitled ‘They’re Your Rules, Break Them!’, and having heard his audio introduction:, I immediately purchased the book. Douglas explains 50 Ways to smash silos, bust bureaucracy and create a high-performance culture, transcending rules to produce results.  Once I read the introduction I made a decision to produce a set of sketchnotes...

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Using MindManager to Compile and Publish Procedure Manuals

One of the most exciting new features in MindManager 2017 when it was released in September 2016 was the introduction of an HTML 5 export capability.  This made it possible to convert a MindManager map into an HTML file which can be opened in any modern web browser. Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Not only opened, but navigated in a format as if you were in the map itself.  Thus MindManager users can now create interactive maps of their information, and communicate these to the world at large in rich visual format. The sure sign of a...

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Snap, Track and Sweep your Mind Maps with MAP for MindManager

One of the challenges for the @Mindjet #MindManager power user is keeping track of the multiple maps that you develop on a daily basis.  You are mapping ideas, meetings, projects etc, etc., and your map file structure can easily become cluttered and confusing.  Creating lost time and frustration at a future date when you are trying to locate a specific map. Three functions in the @Olympic-Limited MindManager Add-In #MAP can be used very effectively to automate this process, and keep your files properly cataloged and managed. Snap, Track and Sweep is perfect for multiple iterations of a map in for example,...

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Publishing MindManager Information Maps

The release of @Mindjet #MindManager 2017 has opened up a new capability for sharing map content with a wider audience, namely HTML export.  This feature allows the publication of an individual map, or a family of linked map to a single HTML file which can be opened and navigated in mind map format using a web browser. This has enormous possibilities for sharing content in a visual format.  One such application is the publication of policies and procedures manuals, and in this post I will show how this can be accomplished. An excellent example of a procedures manual developed within...

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MAP for MindManager turns 50

MAP for MindManager, the superb @Mindjet #MindManager Add-In from @NigelGoult of Olympic-Limited has just turned 50.  That is, the number of features in this powerhouse package now totals 50, with the latest release of MAP2.4. Nigel is a long time @Mindjet Developer Partner, and as a power user of MindManager he knows exactly what regular users of the software need to improve their productivity and save time.  Mind mapping is all about collecting, organising, communicating, and acting on information, and the faster you can create your map the quicker you will be implementing. Over the last 3 years Nigel has...

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