About Us

Visual Thinking have been at the forefront of information management products and techniques in South Africa for over 10 years.

A Premier Partner for Mindjet and other vendors of software applications with a strong visual approach, Visual Thinking is well placed to advise, supply and support your information management software requirements

The Visual Thinking goal is to provide time saving solutions using simple, effective software.  

Our products include:

  • A wide selection of visual business software tools (e.g.)
  • Mindjet MindManager, Topic Tracker, Map for MindManager, Goalscape

Our services include:

  • Graphic Facilitation
  • Graphic recording
  • Consultation
  • Training

Our extensive knowledge of best business practice and techniques allows us to offer a unique value-added service.  We are experts in visual communication, and mind mapping.  We can provide a solution to almost any business or academic communication scenario, requirement or challenge.

Our software packages and service offerings cater to any sized businesses as well as individuals and academic students and institutions.

We can assist all business professionals and educationalists who are involved in:

  • project planning and management;
  • business planning;
  • team collaboration and brainstorming;
  • problem solving and strategic planning;
  • goals setting;
  • information and time management

Any questions?

Our team is available to assist you to improve visual communication in your company. Call us for a free consultation.

Colin Horner · 083 327 5719 · info@visualthinking.co.za

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